In This Universe

In this Universe

there exists only One Law:


No Being shall Harm another Being.


This One Law is perfect and complete.


What is Law ?


Law defines

Acts which are not permitted.

Law can only forbid.

Law can neither coerce nor permit:

Law can not create obligation;

Law can not create permission.

Law judges the Act

by one autonomous entity

upon a sentient entity.

Law is

the definition

of what an autonomous entity

may not do to a sentient entity.


What is Harm ?


Harm is an unaccepted physical Act

performed upon someone by someone else.

Any Act physically affecting

a sentient entity who does not accept it

performed by an autonomous entity

is Harm.

Harm requires all four of these elements:

1. an autonomous entity who

2. performs an Act which physically affects

3. a sentient entity who

4. does not accept the Act.

Acts are accepted only within free choice

by agreement or by forgiveness.


What is a Being ?


A Being is a sentient entity

who does not Harm other Beings.

A sentient entity

who Harms a Being

is not a Being.

Judgement by The One Law

defines who is a Being

and who is not a Being.


There can exist only One Law.


Law can only be singular.

Any two Laws eventually

contradict each other.

Multiple Laws

contradict exponentially.

Contradiction between laws

destroys the power of law.

Only One Law can be perfect.

Nothing can be added

to The One Law.


Living outside The One Law


Life within The One Law

is a life in peace.

Life outside The One Law

is measured in moments between Harm.

Living outside The One Law means

never knowing when a person nearby

will perform some random act of

aggression, coercion, or violence.

Those who reject the truth of The One Law

proclaim their intention to Harm anyone

for whatever reason they may imagine.

Those who reject the truth of The One Law

announce their permission to Harm.


Living within The One Law


People living within The One Law

live without fear of each other.

Prosperity thrives in the absence of fear.

The absence of violence

is an economic resource

which defies calculation.

The One Law defines Freedom

as whatever a Being may choose to do

without Harming Beings.

The One Law guarantees Liberty

with the absence of coercion.

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